Introducing Gamocosm

I would like to introduce everyone to a small project called Gamocosm.  It was built by the guy who made the famous Universal Launcher for MS^2. The project allows you to host and manage minecraft servers for as cheap as $1 a month or less, and best of all you don’t need to know how to set up a server!

Gamocosm is still a small (Free) project and involves creating a Digital Ocean account for the hosting (You pay Digital Ocean not Gamocosm). You just give Gamocosm an API key for your new Digital Ocean account and it will create/setup servers for you. There are detailed instructions.

It uses Digital Ocean since their prices are VERY cheap for very reliable service! Its been pretty reliable and I’ve started to help out with development :).  We are working on a lot of really neat features and have very big plans for its future!  If you have a moment please check it out.

GitHub Project

Back to Basics

Wow it has certainly been a long, long, long… time.  So.. Hello Again!  Over the past year or so my life has been pretty busy and I barely had time to even move MS^2 to a new server.  Things are starting to quiet down and I may have a little bit of time to work on things again :).  That said, I can’t do it alone.

In the past I have tried to ask people for help with the site creation and maintenance , and that failed for a lot of reasons.  This time, I have a slightly different idea.  I will not ask for help that requires technical knowledge or skill (not that I would turn it down of course), instead I just need help with the planning, design, ideas, testing, things anyone could do.

If you are still reading then you must really care! Please read on as I will outline what you can do to help!

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Server Migration Complete!

The web server, api server and database have now all been migrated over to digitalocean!  Rackspace has been great but expensive.  The site just isn’t making as much money anymore.  But thats okay, the new host is much cheaper for comparable service!  If anyone is having any new issues due to the move, please let me know!

There is more news to come, stay tuned!

Server Update

Hey again, tonight I will be moving MineshafterSquared to a new hosting provider in an attempt to save money.  The site will have to go down shortly during the transfer, which brings me to a question.  Does anyone even use MineshafterSquared anymore in its current form?  At the bottom of this post there is a poll that I would really appreciate if people could take a second to look at.

I don’t have much free time at all, but if possible I will try to fix small bugs when I make the transfer to new servers.  Nothing big, but if the site is not currently working for you, hopefully it will start to.  I will make another posting after the transfer is complete, so just assume nothing has happened yet until I make another post.

If you can’t see the poll, please click here to visit the page.

Mineshafter Squared Reboot

Please take a few minutes and answer a few question.  Its painless I promise and it will be a great help to figure out what needs to be fixed on the site!

Mineshafter Squared Reboot Survey

Launcher 4.3.0 (MC 1.6.2 support!)

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for!  The new launcher is live and is 1.6.2 compatible.  If you have any issues with the new launcher please let us know (the facebook group is the best place to leave feedback).  We are also interested in what you think about it!

Not only is the launcher new, but the backend api is brand new as well.  It should be much faster!  Just keep in mind the first time you log in the game will be downloading 1.6.2 in the background so it might take a while.  If your login seems to be “hanging” check the debug tab in the launcher.  If you see a ton of stuff scrolling by, everything is fine.

Download links are where they normally are, but you can also head on over to the new launchers homepage for more information about it!

Thanks so much to Adrain for creating the new launcher.

Server Admins

The new launcher acts as the server launcher as well.  You can still launch from the command line, but with a slightly different syntax.  Check out the admins page for details.

Warning: I do not have the “passthrough” enabled yet, so non-proxied players will not be able to play on your server just yet.  I’ll make a post when that is working.  You won’t have to update anything as its purely changes I need to make on the backend.

July Update

Hello everyone, I’ve been quite for a while so I figured I would throw an update on the site.  I’m about 50% of the way done with the 1.6.2 compatibility.  I am working on it, I just don’t have a ton of free time so progress is slow.  

I also know there are some issues with the textures on the site.  Some have issues displaying the public textures, some can’t upload new ones.  I have not had a chance to look into it yet, but I do know about it.  I’ll work on fixing it when I start to prepare for the release of the new launcher.

Thats about it for now.  Make sure to check the facebook group for more frequent updates!

My checklist for MS^2 Progress

This might not all get done this weekend, but it is the general road-map I am going to follow.

  1. Create and move to Node API - This should be faster in general and help with load issues.
  2. Create new user signup for people without old accounts - There will be some caveats to this but at least its finally here!
  3. Create High Level Design for Community - I have a lot of great ideas for the community pages, but I need to get them organized first.
  4. Work out the small details for the Community - I need to work out a few things before I start since I want the community to be reusable for anyone!
  5. Create the Community Pages - Shouldn’t be too hard….right?

TLDR: I will be doing some housekeeping and optimizing before working on the new Community.

Just a few quick announcements.

I am almost finished up school so shortly I will have a ton of free time to work on MS^2 before I start my job. I will be moving the Auth API over to a new NodeJS based system that I am building in the coming month. I will work to get MS^2 compatible with minecraft 1.6 once that comes out. And a ton of work will be done on the launcher! Also I will over a MS^2 account signup for people that do not have older Minecraft accounts. So stay tuned, I’m just getting started.

Minecraft 1.5.2

Mineshafter Squared works just fine with Minecraft 1.5.2!  Feel free to update, just make sure the servers you play on are using 1.5.2 otherwise you won’t be able to connect.